Silvia Gomez is an enterprising and visionary woman who loves freedom and especially helping others, that’s her favorite passion! Silvia Gomez studied and Graduate as a Medical Assistant from San’z School and she worked as a Medical Assistant for the OBYN called: Capital Women’s Care at
Rockville, MD.

She is a mom of 2 beautiful girls and 2 handsome boys. She decided to open this company because of her 4 kids. One day, she
realized how easy can be to help others families who; have to work hard outside of their homes then come back, do laundry, cleaning and much more… That day she was reading a book called: “The Power of Serving Others” You Can Start Where You Are. by Gary Morsch and Dean Nelson.

After this, her mission is giving you the best quality of work. Her team arrives ready to clean, with all the supplies and equipment needed to make your home or office shine. Her house cleaning team services are serious about making your home sparkle! Silvia Gomez: I would like to personally thank you for your interest in The white Cleaning Corporation. The entire staff is committed to providing the very best service possible. We look forward to the opportunity to deliver on our guarantee of excellence and allow you to experience firsthand the benefits of choosing.

I am a person who believes that the impossible is possible. A superior being who believes that we all have the potential to achieve our dreams. A person with initiative and decision knows what to do and how to do it. I am a person who knows how to take risks because I have my trust in God and myself. I am a person full of optimism, who lives without losing sight of the fact that each one of us creates its own reality.

I am a creative person, capable of doing the unthinkable to make this life something beautiful. And I Honor God for giving me this opportunity to help a lot of families. I also thank my mother, Maria Gomez, for her support and for always making the effort to give the very best to our customers.

Thank you for the opportunity you give me today and for reading this article. If you are not part of this adventure, please don’t wait long, you will enjoy the rest of your life because I will make sure you live happy in seeing your home shine. It would be a privilege for me to do business with you.